2009 Competition: How to get to Moncalieri

The competition take place here: Sala Primo Levi - Primo Levi Hall Via Real Collegio 20 - Moncalieri

Planes, trains, automobiles will all get you to Moncalieri: the trick is knowing which one is right for you. Here's how to get from here to there.

Train - The main railway station is Turin Porta Nuova: you can reach it from all Italian cities and other important European cities. When you arrive at Porta Nuova Station take the bus 67 to Moncalieri or a train to Moncalieri railway station.

Planes - Many carriers offer service from important European cities to Turin Airport. Once on the ground, here's how to get into town:
Take the train from Airport Railway station to Dora Station. Here take the bus 52 to via Carlo Alberto then the bus 67 to Moncalieri (about 1 hour).

Car: Motorways A4 , A21, A6, A32, A5. From Rome - From Eastern Europe, Trieste, Venice - From Germany and Austria - From Paris, Lyon

Accomodation - Where To Stay
Strada Torino, 29, Moncalieri (TO)
Tel. 011.641141 (ask for the Circolo Culturale Saturnio fare)
e-mail info@ladarsena.net

European Music Competition Fares:

Single Room - 55,00, Double Room - 65,00, 3 Beds Room - 79,00


If you'd like to discover Turin and Moncalieri, check it out.

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